May 15, 2013

Swaddling and the White Noise Lite App!

I have always heard stories about fussy babies and how hard it is for a mom to deal with the constant crying. With my first baby, I was extremely lucky. She never made a sound. She would grunt and move when she was hungry. Dirty diapers didn't phase her any! She was a awesome baby! When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I just assumed he would be the same. Boy, was I wrong! My almost 2 month old son is extremely fussy! He fusses and cries all the time! He fuss when he is hungry, tired, or bored. I tried everything in the beginning! I tried rocking, having him skin to skin, swaddling, giving him his paci, talking to him, walking, bouncing him, making sure he didn't have gas, wasn't hungry or had a wet diaper. He just fusses and cries for no reason! I just figured I would have to deal with it! There was just nothing else I could do.

One day, he was fussing (as always) as I was cleaning. I turned the vacuum on and started vacuuming. The only noise I heard was the vacuum! I turned around to discover my son sleeping! I was completely dumbfounded. How did I forget that the vacuum noise calms down a fussy baby! Knowing I couldn't keep the vacuum on forever, I decided to look for a free white noise app.

I found the White Noise Lite app and it is amazing! It has 10 sounds for sleeping or relaxing. The sounds includes waves at the beach, fan, ticking clock, extreme rain (my husband's favorite), white noise (my son's favorite), thunder, train, airplane, chimes, and crickets. This app is also recommended by Dr. Oz and it is available for tablets, androids, iPhones, and iPads!

After I make sure he is fed, burped and has a clean diaper, I swaddle my son tight with these awesome muslin blankets and play the White Noise Lite app close by him. He calms down if he is fussy and falls asleep when he is tired! I can't use my phone as much during the day but my son is not crying and I am able to play with my baby girl and spend more time finding deals and freebies for you guys!

After all, happy baby = happy mama!


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