April 26, 2013

Get a FREE breast pump from your Insurance company!

I am a nursing mom! I nursed exclusively with my first and decided to exclusively pump with my second. After that decision, I knew that I needed an awesome breast pump. I spent months Googling trying to find an amazing deal. (You guys know that I am all about price comparing and just buying the first thing I see is not my style!) I came across an article about getting a breast pump possibly for free via Affordable Care Act! I called Tricare and was extremely disappointed when I was informed that they do not cover electric hospital-grade breast pumps for convenience, basic electric breast pump, or manual breast pumps. They may cover electric hospital-grade breast pumps for premature infants who meet certain criteria.  The breast pump may be covered for use in the hospital, and in certain cases, if the physician can prove medical necessity, for home use. Bummer!

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies have to cover the cost of a breast pump for nursing moms. They will either pay for you to get a breast pump or pay the rental! Call up your insurance company and let me know if you are covered!


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