January 10, 2013

Ameriplan USA

Ameriplan USA is a company that provides discount plans such as medical, dental and vision. It is NOT insurance. You pay a monthly fee to obtain these discounts. Yada, yada, yada, yah. (I just wanted to know how I could make money!)

In order to make money, you have to sell the medical plans or recruit people to work (aka build your downline). Yes, MLM model aka pyramid scheme. If my downline made money, I got a percentage of what they made. I'm sure you know the rest!

Why I didn't like Ameriplan:

1.) In order to work for Ameriplan, you have to become an Independent Business Owner and pay the annual $20 for the start up kit (includes materials and websites) and $50 for your medical plan every month. (A whopping $70 just to begin which was silly because I am looking for work to make money not spend money! The $50 is refundable within your first 30 days though sooo I figured I could afford to lose $20.)

2.) I found this opportunity via wahm.com on the forum where people advertised their business. On the ads, they would advertise that you get a FREE medical plan. Not true. You definitely have to pay for that crap. (Maybe, I shouldn't call it crap because I never tried it. Maybe it is beneficial to people who do not have any medical insurance.) Anyways, the whole point of paying for it is so you can testify about the benefits to your future customers.

3.) In order to succeed with this company, you have to be on the phone (and be completely okay with hearing 'no' most of the the time)! Always on the phone and always advertising your company. Please don't let anyone tell you that you can do it all online. It's NOT true. 

4.) Your pay is based on different commission levels and that percentage is based on the commission level (medical plan) that you are paying monthly. Say what? Your monthly medical plan will have a certain percentage that your commission will be based on. The more you pay for a monthly medical plan, the higher your commission would be. More money into the company!

5.) Ameriplan was constantly trying to upsell something! For example, you will need to have a back office (your online office that organize all the leads that your website brought in and automatically responds to people who are interested in more information.) and in order to get that, guess what you needed to do? Pay more money! Want more postcard leads after you used all the free ones that they gave you? Pay up! It just did not make any sense to have to keep paying when these things should be free? Afterall, you are helping them make money by bringing in more traffic!

6.) After 3 weeks of hard work, spending money to make money, always being on my phone, I have nothing to show for it but an empty wallet!

Sooo, I had to leave Ameriplan. I wasn't making any money nor did I like the business model. I actually felt bad for preying on people who wanted to work from home and then have to tell them that they have to pay. Just not my cup of tea but it definitely works for some people!


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