January 10, 2013

Amazon Turk

I have had some success with Amazon Turk. Some. Amazon Turk is not a get rich scheme! It's wayyy beyond that! You choose which HiTs (or tasks) you can chose to do which range from taking surveys, writing articles or transcribing audio. You get paid from .01 cents and up. I do NOT waste my time doing the small change ones because they are not worth my time or effort! I normally do HiTs that pay at least .50 cents. I have completed some HiTs that have paid $4. It may not sound like much but it's a WHOLE lot when you aren't bringing any money home!

Amazon Turk is perfect for experienced transcribers because you can get paid around $10 and more for transcribing a few minutes of audio!

This is definitely something to look into because you don't have to invest any money, be on the phone, or have set hours. All you need is a computer (and maybe more if you are an experienced transcriber). You simply log in and complete HiTs when you want!


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