February 22, 2013

Snack and Cereal Coupons!

Chocolate and Fruit Snack Coupons:
$1.00 off any Two DOVE PROMISES Chocolate Bags
$1.50 off two M&M'S Brand Chocolate Candies
$1.00 off Two (2) DOVE Chocolate Large Bars
$0.50 off 2 boxes Fruit Flavored Snacks

Fruit Cup and Applesauce Coupons:
$0.75 off any ONE DOLE Fruit Crisp or Parfait
$0.55 off Mott's Snack & Go Applesauce Pouches

Snack and Cereal Bars Coupons:
$0.50 off 2 Nature Valley Granola Bars or thins
$0.50 off 1 Fiber One Protein Chewy Bars
$1.00 off 3 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars
$1.00 off ONE package of OREO Grab & Go Cookies
$1.00 off ONE NEWTONS Fruit Thins Crispy Cookies
$1.00 off any TWO Kellogg's Special K Bars

Spreads and Nuts Coupons:
$1.00 off 2 PLANTERS Nut Products
$0.75 off one PLANTERS NUT-rition Peanut Butter

Frozen Snack Coupons:
$1.00 off 5 Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza
$1.00 off Any One T.G.I. Friday's Frozen Snack
$0.55 off any TWO (2) Bagel-fuls 4ct

Yogurt, Cookies and Jello Coupons:
$0.50 off Yoplait Pro-Force Multipack or twisted
$0.40 off SIX Yoplait Yogurt
$0.50 off 2 Yoplait Greek yogurt
$0.75 off 2 SUGAR-FREE JELL-O refrigerated snacks
$1.00 off TWO Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
$0.75 off any TWO Yoplait Kid products
$0.50 off Yoplait Fruplait™ Yogurt Multipacks

Cereal Coupons:
$1.00 off any 3 Kellogg's Cereals listed
$0.75 off Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate cereal
$0.50 off ONE BOX Chex cereal
$0.75 off any ONE BOX Total cereal
$0.50 off ONE BOX Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal

 Juice Coupons:
$1.00 off TWO Welch's Refrigerated Juice Cocktails

Chips Coupons:
$0.50 off Green Giant™ Veggie Snack Chips


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