February 19, 2013

Mommy Money Saving Tip: Save $900 off your cell phone bill!

Another way to cut costs when you are trying to save money is to look at your cell phone bill!
For the last 2 years, I have been an faithful customer of Straight Talk! My hubs and I pay almost $100 for two cell phone lines that have unlimited text, talk and web!(Did I fail to mention that we both have smartphones?) Before we switched to Straight Talk, we had Iphones on AT&T! Our cell phone bill was $250 and some change! Yes, $250 for two Iphones! Wayyy too much money! We save $150 a month and $1800 a year!!!
Straight Talk has a huge phone selection! Everything from smartphones (Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, etc) to the simple flip phones (that you can get for FREE)! They also allow you to BYOP (bring your own phone) from your current carrier to Straight Talk! Yes, you can bring your Iphone or HTC from AT&T or TMobile!
Straight Talk offers the following plans:


Amy Coleman said...

I have been a faithful straight talk user for a long time! I love them and will never have another provider!

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