February 9, 2013

Mommy Beauty Tip: Amazing (and cheap) Hair Accessories!

I am an extremely busy stay at home mom &army wife and I always on the go! Being able to do a cute style on my hair in less than 5 minutes is an absolute must! Here's two hair accessories that I have just fallen in love with! I am sure you have heard of them!

I love the Twist N Clip! It actually holds my hair styles unlike hair ties or bobby pins and there are so many styles you can create! Just twist, slide the clip in, and lock your hair in place!
I love hair buns! I think they are perfect for any occasion! For the longest, I have been using the old 'sock' method to create a bun and it takes forever to makes sure the bun looks even and the sock isn't showing! I show the commercial for Hot Buns and I had to have it! It's soo easy to create a hair bun! Plus, you can sleep in your Hot Buns and have beautiful curls the next day!


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