February 12, 2013

Kid Steal: 5 Dr. Seuss Books and a Backpack for 5.95 shipped!

I am an huge fan of Dr. Seuss and I love reading these amazing books to my baby! For a limited time, you can get 5 Dr. Seuss' books and a backpack for $5.95!

1. Sign up for the Dr. Seuss Book Club! This is not the typical book club where you MUST commit to buy more books! You can cancel as soon as you get your books and backpack!
2. Order 5 books and the free backpack with free shipping!
3. You can add two more books to your order for an additional $4.99 but this is NOT mandatory! You can simply check 'No' and receive your 5 books and backpack for $5.95 shipped!

Remember to log into your account and cancel the order as soon as you receive your shipment to avoid any more charges! You will not be required to buy anything else! You may be required to send the books back but you can keep the backpack!


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